CNN’s Don Lemon Stopped DEAD In His Tracks When Guest CONFRONTS Him ON AIR! [WATCH]

CNN’s Don Lemon Stopped DEAD In His Tracks When Guest CONFRONTS Him ON AIR! [WATCH]

NewsMax CEO Chris Ruddy confronted CNN’s Don Lemon over Donald Trump’s belief that Susan Rice committed a crime.

Lemon said that “[W]e shouldn’t just put talking points out there, or put information out there that hasn’t been proven, or an assertion just because someone said it.” Ruddy disagreed.

From Western Journalism:

Lemon has claimed the allegations against Rice are a “diversion,” and that there is “no evidence whatsoever that the Trump team was spied on illegally.”

Reporting on the story would be a “disservice to the American public,” according to the CNN host.

The Newsmax CEO responded by pointing to when transcripts of private conversations between Trump and the leaders of Australia and Mexico were leaked to the press hours after the conversations took place.

“Don, do you agree when the president’s private conversation with the Mexican president, and the Australian prime minister, classified documents were leaked within several hours of those conversations?” Ruddy asked.

“Do you agree that that was a violation?”

Lemon refused to answer. “Well what if it’s Mexico or Australia who leaked,” he said. “You’re assuming that someone with a high-ranking position in the United States leaked that.”

Ruddy showed his disbelief as the CNN host attempted to avoid the question.

Watch the video below:

So, CNN will run unsubstantiated stories about Trump’s “illicit” dealings with Russian women, but are taking issue with something for which there is a fair amount of evidence?

Huh, that’s funny.

I’m glad that Ruddy stood up to this media bully and wouldn’t let him control the narrative.

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