CNN’s Jake Tapper After NY Terror Attack ‘Allahu Akbar Sometimes Said In Beautiful Circumstances’ [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | November 2, 2017 11:09 pm

It was soon after there were reports of the suspected terrorist in New York screaming “Allahu akbar!” that CNN anchor Jake Tapper laid on the sugar for no apparent reason other than to play activist and defend a religion that didn’t need to be defended by a newsman. The report that he screamed the popular Islamic slogan while driving a Home Depot rental truck into pedestrians on a bike path in Manhattan should stand on it’s own and doesn’t need the biased media swaying it for the public.


What are you trying to accomplish, Tapper? It was just after another CNN reporter named Shimon Prokupecz claimed the attacker screamed out “Allahu akbar!” that Tapper butted in to make sure the viewers knew that the term often denoted something that was “beautiful.”

Yeah. God is great. Just not the God that radical Islamists murder for, Tapper. We don’t need your commentary on that one. Tapper actually said:

“The Arabic chant Allahu akbar, God is great — sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances and too often we hear it being said in moments like this.”

This all came out after the FBI gave notice that they would be investigating the attack as an act of terror. Prokupecz had explained:

“Our understanding is that, according to witnesses who police have now talked to, they’re saying — they’re telling police that they heard the driver saying, yelling ‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar,’ during this incident.”

Prokupecz claimed that it was the yelling out ‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!’ that instantly made it an FBI case, as that seems to be the protocol and a common understood signal that IT IS Islamic terror.

Prokupecz continued:

“Which is now leading authorities to believe that this is as a result, that this is now a terrorism case, and I’m just getting an update now that the FBI is taking over this case because it appears now that this is terrorism.”

The man that drove that Home Depot Rental Truck that ran over and killed eight people and also gravely injured eleven others, was 29 year-old Sayfullo Saipov, originally from Uzbekistan who had immigrated over here back in 2010, according to CNN.

When Saipov tried to escape by ditching the vehicle, a police officer on the scene had his gun drawn and shot him in the stomach. Police later discovered that Saipov had a paintball gun and a pellet gun on him when he started the attack. The note they found at the scene was in his handwriting, and pledged loyalty to ISIS… shocker.

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