Establishment Media Hagiographers Tried but Failed to Get Shot of Obama Under a Rainbow in Hawaii

by Dave Blount | January 8, 2015 1:10 pm

If watching the world collapse gets too depressing, you can always retreat into the fantasy world inhabited — or rather fabricated — by the liberal establishment media that hyped Obama into power. Six years of the worst government America has ever seen have not changed their fantasies, as could be seen during his latest extravagant vacation in Hawaii:

“[The president’s] motorcade emerged from Kailua at 7:40 a.m., just after a full and brilliant rainbow appeared over his neighborhood,” Nakamura wrote in the report, as Obama made his way to a local gym. “Your press pool got out and took photos but alas [the rainbow] disappeared before the presidential motorcade rolled by for what would have been a picture that launched a thousand metaphors.”

At this point it would have been more likely to launch a thousand lunches.

Nakamura is not the only reporter affected by rainbows while covering the president. Michael Schmidt, a reporter for the New York Times who is also covering Obama’s stay in Hawaii, filed a similar pool report just days prior.

“The pool did not see [Obama] as he entered the luau but we did spot a rainbow,” Schmidt wrote at the time.

There’s no need for them to frustrate themselves trying to get a shot with both Obama and a rainbow in it. They can just use this:


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