FAKE NEWS ALERT: ABC Claims Trump Is Shutting Down First Amendment

FAKE NEWS ALERT: ABC Claims Trump Is Shutting Down First Amendment

ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd really showcased his snowflake liberal media temper tantrum and sunk himself down to a whole new level as he recently claimed that President Trump is ignoring the questions of the Democrat Party’s friends in the media and that is the very same thing as “shutting down” the First Amendment.

Speaking with George Stephanopolous, Dowd said “This is two democracies, two important democracies in the world. And basically, the president of the United States is shutting down part of the First Amendment by not taking questions that are in any way antagonistic in this.”

“I think he thinks relying on his Twitter feed, and sending it out to the millions of people that subscribe to it, and then dealing with very cozy press in this is going to be the way to get through this.”

I guess most of us must have missed the part of the First Amendment where it says that the President is duty-bound to take questions from news outlets. Oh wait. It’s not there. It doesn’t exist, along with the law that there has to be a press corp…There doesn’t.


This is where I’m torn and that’s the media’s fault. I would love to side with their complaints, I mean, the press should be working to find the truth, right? Well, for the majority of these outlets, that ship sailed a long time ago. Their hypocrisy and worship of the last President, and demonizing of the right has completely destroyed their legitimacy with millions of people around the country.

If they had just done their job and put as much effort into attacking Obama and the left as they do in Trump and the right, all of us would be right there with them, supporting them.

But they have forgotten their place and we have not.

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