Following Obama’s Japan Visit, NBC Drops This ATROCIOUS Headline

Following Obama’s Japan Visit, NBC Drops This ATROCIOUS Headline

First you cringe… then you laugh. This is perhaps the worst headline I have seen in my lifetime. NBC wanted to make Obama look like some kind of strong leader who could heal old rifts, even while he was over there groveling in front of the Japanese and calling the US evil for dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima… thus ending a world war and saving millions of lives. What headline could be the absolute worst since the epic one of ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’? Wait for it… ‘Obama: Hiroshima Visit to Underscore the ‘Job’s Not Done’.’ LOL! Ha ha ha ha ha… snort!! So, NBC daydreams of Obama dropping another nuke on Japan? Yes, I agree… this is perhaps not the best headline NBC could have come up with. It’s atrocious and hilarious all at once.

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From BizPac Review:

What were the headline writers at NBC thinking when President Obama visited Hiroshima, Japan on Friday?

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Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the city, which was devastated by the first ever atomic weapon used in battle during World War II.

And while the president put on his best pair of grovelling pants and all but said he was sorry the U.S. won the war, the folks at NBC unveiled one of the worst headlines since “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

Twitter had a field day with this one. I especially like, ‘We left the job unfinished and they hit us with anime.’ Still laughing. What kind of editor numskull let’s something like this go to print? I’m sure the Japanese do not find this amusing at all. Well, we didn’t find WWII amusing either. Obama going over there and all but sniveling and crawling to apologize for our winning the war was not met with respect either. He was shunned and dissed while he was there as he should be. Actually, now that I think about it, the joke’s on us. When Obama said the job’s not done, he was probably referring to the destruction of the US. But I will say this, evil is inherently stupid and I’ve seen enough of both of those traits come out of this administration to nuke a dozen cities.





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