Hosts Of “The View” Turn On Each Other Over Brexit – Things Get Messy REAL QUICK [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 25, 2016 9:12 am

Because that is what liberal moonbats do.[1] The shrews on The View had a meltdown because the Brexit succeeded and Britain is now celebrating their Independence Day. Behar clucked that the sky was falling and the world was falling apart. Hostin took shots at Donald Trump… claiming he was playing golf while the world burned. I have no love lost for Trump, but he did address Brexit and gave it a thumbs up. Trump had no idea what Brexit even was just a short while ago, but he was quick to condone it and try to take credit for it. I find that deplorable… but The View going after Trump saying he did not care is just not true in this case. Even with the facts staring them in the face, these harpies lied about Trump endlessly.


From Young Conservatives:

The View Friday morning discussed Britain voting to leave the European Union, thereby declaring its own independence. The news brought shocks of outrage from liberal media worldwide, that even the women at The View felt informed enough to weigh in on. There was no room for nuance at the table, as Joy Behar called the situation, “the whole world falling apart” and CNN’s Sunny Hostin lamented how it was going to be terrible for the U.S. financially. Behar and Hostin then complained further that the whole vote was based on racist and xenophobic Europeans.Because, of course, that seems to be the theme of the day[3].

The segment began with co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin complaining that Donald Trump didn’t address Brexit, playing a quick clip from his visit to Scotland this morning. As FNC panelist Jedediah Bila pointed out, Trump had addressed it, just not in the brief clip they played. But the ladies at The View would not be swayed with facts that even a quick google search could confirm. Behar then moaned, “Why talk about the whole world falling apart when you can talk about a golf course in Scotland?” Sunny Hostin then sparred with Bila over what Trump did or did not say, with Hostin very sarcastically saying to Bila:

HOSTIN: That sounds really nice, but Donald Trump didn’t say that.

These hose beasts are just upset that someone had the spine to vote for freedom and stand against radical Islamists and open borders. Frankly, it’s none of their damned business. They are elitist globalists who don’t care that the world is going to hell… they care about keeping the status quo and those ruling over others in control. I think people across the planet are sick to death of elitists and politicians and want their freedom. They want to be left alone. They are in the mood for revolt and the world is now an absolute powder keg. Why? Because of these Marxist Progressives grabbing power, taxing people to death and suppressing the masses. The hosts of The View turned on each other, much in the same manner that the masses are turning on their leaders.

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