Did She Just?! Fox Anchor Tweets ‘Racial’ Words About THIS Presidential Candidate – Public FREAKS!

by Cassy Fiano | March 7, 2016 4:56 pm

It’s expected that Donald Trump will insult anyone who gets in the way of his latest attempt to gain as much power as possible, but for a Fox News anchor to join in? It has people

laura ingraham[1]

At the last Republican debate on Fox News, Donald Trump repeatedly referred to Sen. Marco Rubio as “Little Marco.”

That’s just what Trump does.

Unbecoming for a presidential candidate?

Sure. But his numbers keep rising.

Here’s a tweet from Laura Ingraham that has the perpetually offended up in arms…


Rubio is Cuban-American and speaks Spanish, so that checks out.

Doesn’t adding the -ito just mean ‘little?’ As in, “Little Marco.”

Some people are trying to talk their way around this, as if it could possibly mean anything beyond “Little Marco”. Please — you may be in the tank for Donald Trump, but does that have to make you a liar, too? At least be honest about your flaming bias.

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