Kellyanne Conway Shuts Down Smug CNN Host in the Best Way Possible

by Cassy Fiano | November 21, 2016 11:13 am

Kellyanne Conway is the first woman ever to manage a successful presidential campaign. But you wouldn’t know it by paying attention to the media, which has pointedly ignored that fact. Still, they can’t ignore her completely. And they also can’t control her. When CNN host Chris Cuomo tried to pull a fast one on her, Conway shut him down quick.


Cuomo started by asking Conway about tweets Trump had sent out after the cast of “Hamilton” addressed Vice President-Elect Mike Pence after the show, slamming the statement and demanding an apology. “He has over 25 million followers on Facebook and Twitter and it’s a great way for him to take his message directly to people and cut through the noise or silence,” Conway responded. “Important things he’s saying or doing is getting zero coverage.” Cuomo pointed out that Pence responded to the statement by saying he wasn’t offended at all and that Trump was presumably more bothered than Pence was, even tweeting that the show was “overrated.”

“That’s his opinion and your opinion,” she said. “I’m going. I’m taking my 12-year-olds for their birthdays.” Cuomo wouldn’t let the issue drop though, asking, “Why take it up? Why take up SNL? No president does that. Why waste time? Why distract?” That was when Conway dropped a bomb on Cuomo. “Why do you care?” she asked. “Who’s to say he can’t do that? Make a comment — spend five minutes on a tweet, making a comment.”

Watch the full exchange below:

Now that’s how you handle liberal bias.

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