The New York Times and the Twilight Zone

If you miss the old show the Twilight Zone, you can still get a similarly disquieting eerie chill by entering the surreal realm of the New York Times. Here is what the paper looks like the day after a terror attack by Muslims who were running a bomb factory in their garage killed 14 infidels in San Bernardino:

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They don’t know the motive, not having heard of the escalating terror war Muslims have been waging against the rest of the human race. But the motive doesn’t matter, because the Muslims didn’t kill anyone, their guns did.

Take away our guns and the problem is solved. All we need to do is repeal the Second Amendment and impose common sense gun control, like they have in leftist-run France (where last month Muslims butchered 130 innocents in the capital city). Then all will be safe, and we can focus on more serious problems like white privilege, climate change, and the fascist menace posed by Donald Trump.

The liberal establishment’s disconnect from reality — clearly shared by its figurehead Obama, who is absurdly trying to pass off the San Bernardino terror attack as “workplace violence,” just as he did with Fort Hood — is as close to absolute as you would find in an asylum for the incurably insane.

Liberals’ power structure is crumbling. New York Times propagandists can’t help but know that we would have to be mentally retarded to regard their take on events as anything but a sick joke. Their rule is based on lies, and those lies are coming unraveled. Only satirists or the absolutely desperate would present the page above as “news.”

On tips from Sean C and Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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