BHO, Master of the Modern Media

Having effectively installed Comrade Obama in office with its unrelenting hype and refusal to examine his radical background and lack of qualifications, the mainstream media might have expected to be the last to get eaten by the socialist crocodile. But already the Obamination Administration has set up its own alternative media run out of the White House, so that the guys who program the Moonbat Messiah’s teleprompter can have 100% control of the misinformation we’re fed. Despite Chairman Zero’s complaint that he doesn’t like information technology, his gang is very much on top of the latest trends, as evidenced by the cornucopia of corny propaganda offered up by the White House YouTube page. Features include the recently launched West Wing Week. Switch comments:

‘West Wing Week’ was launched with little fanfare some time ago on YouTube and slipped under the radar of most media outlets. But it offers an interesting glimpse into the daily goings on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The videos round up the major events, with President Obama facing some new national crisis, visiting schools and businesses and speaking to the press. But there are also behind the scenes moments that [attempt to] humanize the president and others in the administration

Of course, efforts like these are ways for the administration to control the flow of information and attempt to steer the national conversation. During the Bush years, much was made of that administration’s ability to control the conversation and effectively herd the press, but even those masters of message could learn a thing or two from the Obama team. These efforts, however, have rankled the feathers of some in the traditional media who feel the White House is trying to sidestep them by releasing its own photos of events on Flickr, video interviews with Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and saving some content strictly for the ‘West Wing Week’ video series.

It’s almost as if Chairman Zero is looking forward to the day when he won’t need his alphabet network enablers anymore.

Before long B. Hussein will have his own cable channel. Compliments of Zappatrust:


But I’m forgetting, Dish Network has already offered an Obama Channel, and I don’t mean MSNBC. At least we can still watch other channels, for now.

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