Biased Moderator of VP Debate Gets BAD News After Unfairly Attacking Pence

Biased Moderator of VP Debate Gets BAD News After Unfairly Attacking Pence

Tuesday night, all eyes were on the moderator of the vice presidential debate. Elaine Quijano was practically a non-entity; many people were puzzled, questioning who she was and how she ended up moderating a debate. And unfortunately for Quijano, she blew her big chance before millions.


Even CNN was forced to admit that she lost control of the debate. The candidates talked over each other. Questions were vague and unfocused. And when she did intervene, it was random and at the wrong times. Quijano would jump in when the candidates were having good back-and-forth to stop the conversation, but she did nothing when they talked over each other. Some people wondered if the problem was just that she was dead-set on sticking to her script and getting through each and every scheduled question, including David Axelrod, CNN senior political commentator.

For example, Quijano inexplicably decided to switch topics just as Kaine started asking Pence why he hadn’t defended Donald Trump on a number of different issues. Instead of letting the conversation play out, she ended it abruptly.

In addition to ending potentially revealing and interesting conversations between the candidates, Quijano seemed powerless to stop the candidates from talking over each other. When they started bickering, all she could offer was a meek, “Gentlemen, the people at home cannot understand you when you speak over each other.” When they refused to stay on topic, such as when they were asked about North Korea, she would remind them of the topic they were supposed to be discussing — “I’ll remind you both, the topic was North Korea” — but did nothing to keep them on topic when they would instead keep attacking each other.

Quijano had a shot at becoming a household name, with millions of Americans tuned in last night. Instead, she proved that she did a terrible job as a debate moderator and will likely fade back into oblivion, where she came from.

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