BIG PATRIOTS: The Media At The CNN Debate Didn’t Know Whether Or Not To Stand For The National Anthem

by Scott McKay | September 17, 2015 3:14 pm

To some extent this might be forgivable, as some of the assembled reporters were undoubtedly under pressure to file stories or tweets and cover the event as it was starting. But to those of us who were raised to salute the flag and show patriotism at civic events, this is one more example of how the “mainstream media” thinks[1] all those demonstrations of national spirit they find are just so much hokum for the rubes to participate in…

Breitbart News reporters did stand as the National Anthem played through the speakers.

In the past, some journalists have been under fire for texting or working during the singing of the National Anthem, while others have stated that it is a journalist’s job to remain neutral.

For example, a journalist was singled out for texting[2] during the National Anthem in the past at the White House Correspondents Dinner earlier this year.

“On this subject, a recent op-ed by Mark Fitzgerald of Editor & Publisher warns journalists that perception is often truth and that the penchant that journalists have for not standing proudly and patriotically during the National Anthem does not help their image any — good advice that will be roundly ignored by journalists the country over,” noted[3] Warner Todd Hutson in 2008 on this topic.

And some video, also from Breitbart…

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