Breitbart Gets It Right. Liberal Media Gets It Wrong. Anthony Weiner Admits It!

Breitbart Gets It Right. Liberal Media Gets It Wrong. Anthony Weiner Admits It!

The left side of the blogosphere bought into Anthony Weiner’s implausible claim that he was “hacked.” Why, Breitbart probably even had something to do with it! You know how that jerk is!

Here are just a few of the many, many posts that were written along these lines, defending Weiner, vilifying Breitbart, if not outright accusing Breitbart of creating a hoax.

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Of course, those of us who are a little more savvy about the world, could tell right from the beginning that something appeared to be off.

Weinergate: The Evidence Suggests Anthony Weiner Wasn’t Hacked (Right Wing News)

Well, after Andrew Breitbart,the guy who broke the story, once again beat the entire mainstream media with another big story today, Weiner was forced to do a press conference.

But Breitbart, being a conservative media legend in the making, crashed the conference and ended up at the podium before Weiner did the press conference. After Breitbart hit the podium, Weiner, who probably learned an important lesson about being on time for press conferences, came out to talk.

He was contrite and apologetic. He made a mistake. He let his wife down. He let everybody down. He sounded good.

But, he also said that he had online relations with six women. He said he didn’t know how old all of them are. He claimed, implausibly, that he only exchanged perfunctory DMs with Gennette Cordova before he sent her a crotch shot. Does anybody believe that? ANYBODY?

He also says he’s not resigning.

And why should he? Sure, he cheated on his wife. Sure, he lied to the public and falsely claimed he was hacked. Sure, he may have had cybersex with underage girls — but good luck proving that one unless their parents are willing to expose them to media maelstrom.

If that’s morally “good enough” for an American congressman, then basically we’re saying that we don’t care if people with no integrity whatsoever get to run the country.

PS: Liberal story pivot time: Old story: Breitbart’s a liar! Weiner didn’t do it! New story: This doesn’t matter because it’s just about sex!

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