cBS News: Presidential Vacations Are Hard!

I bet you didn’t know that presidential vacations are actually interrupted by the news, and having to make decisions and listen to briefings. I know I sure didn’t know that from January 2001 through January 19th, 2009, because the State Run Media never told me. Headline: News Interrupts Obama’s Hawaii Vacation. No, seriously. I’m actually surprised that cBS hasn’t changed the headline since yesterday

Today marks day three of Barack Obama’s first Hawaiian vacation as President of the United States. He came here last year as president-elect and it’s been an Obama family tradition to come here for Christmas for some time, especially meaningful because he grew up here.

But this is the first he’s hit the beach as leader of the free world and it wasn’t 24 hours on the island of Oahu that his vacation was interrupted by news. Not just any news, but news of the attempted terrorist attack on a flight landing in Detroit.

God forbid he be interrupted by doing the job he campaigned for for over 2 years after he promised he would finish his first term as a Senator before running.

The president sprung into action. Within an hour of the attempt to ignite a fiery substance on the plane, he held a secure telephone conference call with his national security staff in Washington and was fully briefed on the situation. He ordered the nation’s airport security to be increased and he ordered high-level reviews of security and the nation’s terrorist watch lists.

What is this, a press release from the DNC or the White House? He sprung into action? Perhaps in the gym and the golf course. You just know that cBS is leaving the part about Obama being extremely annoyed for being interrupted.

The vacation continues, even though he is getting daily intelligence briefings and the White House says he is constantly monitoring the latest with the investigation into the attempted terrorist attack.

One of his basketball partners today was his national security chief of staff, so you could say that even while relaxing, he’s always close to his top aides.

Forgive me for doing this, but, if the Barry Admin. can continue to blame Bush, I can mention that when Bush was down in Crawford, the same thing was happening with him. Daily briefs. Talking with his advisers and others. Meeting foreign dignitaries and such. But, the media wouldn’t mention that. Heck, if Obama wanted to spend a lot of time running the country at his house in Chicago, go for it. Because there is no such thing as a vacation to get away from it all for a president. They are all working vacations.

Question: How many rounds of golf has Obama played since he took office?

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