Conservatives TAKE REVENGE on Megyn Kelly After She Was Critical of Trump for a Year [VIDEO]

by Cassy Fiano | November 23, 2016 11:50 am

Fox News superstar anchor Megyn Kelly recently released her newest book “Settle For More”. But Trump supporters have a vendetta against her because she was one of the only Fox News anchors willing to ask Trump tough questions and hold him accountable for the things he said and did. Now, they’re getting revenge in the most immature way[1].


Trump supporters have been flooding Amazon with bad reviews, with over 100 appearing a mere hour after it was released. This was despite only a few advanced copies being released, meaning that most — if not all — of the negative reviews came from people who didn’t actually read the book.

Many of the negative reviews came from a pro-Trump reddit thread, ‘The_Donald’. Four days ago, a post was made imploring users to leave one-star negative reviews for her upcoming book. “46% of Megyn Kelly’s book reviews on Amazon are 5 STARS. You know what to do,” it read. Amazon has removed most of the uncertified reviews… but Trump supporters changed their tactics in response. A user pointed out that you can purchase an item, get “certified” next to the review and then immediately go cancel the order.

Even though the campaign is over and Trump emerged victorious, Trump’s hard-core supporters refused to forgive Kelly for committing the unforgivable sin of questioning their Dear Leader. She and her family have needed protection from bodyguards and Kelly still receives death threats.


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