Cringing Liberal Throws Wet Blanket on bin Laden Celebrations

Liberals didn’t like all the flags that spontaneously appeared after 9/11. Now that Osama bin Laden has finally gotten what he had coming, they aren’t liking the patriotic celebrations. WaPo’s Petula Dvorak sanctimoniously gripes about displays of national joy, which she denounces as “vulgar”:

When I saw that folks were celebrating in the streets at the news of bin Laden’s death, my first reaction was a cringe. Remember how we all felt watching videos of Muslims dancing in celebration on Sept. 11, 2001?

In place of a sense of right and wrong, liberals are guided by a form of depravity called “moral relativism.” Here we see it taken to the point of obscenity. According to Petula, the mass murder of 3,000 innocent civilians is the equivalent of taking out the guy behind it.

Once again we’re fed the insane liberal refrain that resisting Muslim aggression only encourages it:

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Are we simply creating star-spangled recruitment tapes for a new generation of terrorists killing in the name of their new martyr?

Then she goes on to bleat about how mean Americans allegedly are to Muslims, whom she absolves of bin Laden’s terrorism without mentioning his widespread support among them.

Nice try, Petulant. But you moonbats aren’t going to ruin this happy event for patriotic Americans.

american flag
Just because media liberals hate the sight of it.

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