Did Clint Eastwood Threaten to Kill Michael Moore? His Answer is Hilarious!

by Warner Todd Huston | April 23, 2015 11:00 am

Famed actor and director Clint Eastwood was rumored to have said he wanted to kill Michael Moore. But did he say that? This week Eastwood was asked just that question and his answer was hilarious.

Eastwood was asked[1] if he really said he wanted to kill rotund mega mouth and propganda filmmaker Michael Moore.

Here is the exchange:

“Everybody’s saying I threatened to kill Michael Moore,” Eastwood said, according to Variety. “That’s not true.”

After a pause, he added, “It isn’t a bad idea.”

Ya gotta love Clint!

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Source URL: https://rightwingnews.com/media/did-clint-eastwood-threaten-to-kill-michael-moore-his-answer-is-hilarious/