‘Donald Trump was Elected President Tonight’ – Coulter Says This is the Stunning Reason Why

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 14, 2015 2:28 pm

Ann Coulter believes after the eight coordinated terrorist attacks across Paris last night[1] that left 127 dead and 350 injured, that Donald Trump was just elected president. She may be right and if there is another wave of attacks it will only bolster him more. Immigration is the issue now in the election. That and the influx of Muslim refugees. Trump’s numbers stand at a whopping 42%. If the election were held today, he would almost assuredly win in a landslide. When he says he’ll bomb the crap out of ISIS, he just gets more and more popular. Like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump believes if you are an enemy of America, you are signing your death warrant. Faster, faster pussycat! Wipe the scum off the face of the earth.

Ann Coulter[2]

From IJReview:

Following the Paris terrorist attacks, Ann Coulter went on a Twitter rant[3], using the tragedy to once again endorse Donald Trump for president, sugggesting he’s the best candidate to “stop importing Muslims.”

She began with a few snarky comments about the attack:

Ann Coulter1[4]

Ann Coulter6[5]

Ann Coulter2[6]

She also took a shot at Marco Rubio and his position on immigration:

Ann Coulter3[7]

And the only solution?

Ann Coulter4[8]

As far as Ann is concerned, the election was decided last night:

Ann Coulter5[9]

During a campaign rally in Iowa on Thursday, Trump reiterated his plan to combat ISIS if he becomes president, although this time, somewhat more “colorfully[10]” than in the past:

“I would bomb the s**t out of ’em. I would just bomb those suckers. That’s right. I’d blow up the pipes. … I’d blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left.”

And, after “nothing left”? Trump said Exxon would rebuild “the sucker,” and it would be “beautiful.” Presumably, just like the wall with the “big beautiful door.”

I find Trump’s attitude refreshing. He’s not going to coddle terrorists, he’s going to blow them up. That’s music to my ears. It’s like getting a drink of water after dying of thirst in the political desert. The commie racists at Mizzou are all in a twist because the death toll in Paris is taking attention off them. Poor trigger-happy babies! Maybe they need to go beddie-bye. Coulter is right on the Muslim immigration… I have said for a long time it has to stop. I agree with my friend Denise Simon and Brad Thor… all Visas should be cancelled for at least two years and I believe all immigration should be halted as well. That’s until we can tell who is coming in, who is here and where we stand. The lawlessness we have seen under Obama has to come to an end immediately and the borders secured. Strengthen the intelligence agencies and the military. Set our soldiers loose and let them kill bad guys. Immigration and refugees could propel Donald Trump right into the White House. We’ll see.

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