Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson skipped Barbara Walters’ ‘Most Fascinating’ interview to go Duck hunting

by Tami Jackson | December 18, 2013 6:35 am


The ever-self-important Barbara Walters recently endured a Phil Robertson back to reality check.

Duck Commander Robertson: skipped Walters[2]‘ “Most Fascinating People” interview to answer the call of the wild: duck hunting trumped Barbara WaWa and her zen-like questioning.

Barbara Walters is a smart lady. Surely she could have had one of her researchers determine the dates of duck hunting season in Louisiana and schedule: around: the season? How tough would that be?

I googled and had: the answer[3]: in less than 10 seconds.

Duck Season[4]

I can imagine Phil saying,”That yuppy woman has no idea of the importance of duck hunting to our way of life and livelihood.”

Jessica Robertson, Phil’s daughter-in-law, Jep’s wife, tried to put it all in perspective for Barbara:

Well, he missed the birth of: Jase[5]: because he was in the duck line, and he wouldn’t leave.

Miss Kay, Phil’s loving wife of almost 50 years, chimed in:

Between November and January, I told him I didn’t ever plan to die then, because he may not be at my funeral.

Hello Barbara…anyone home, McFly? For such an alleged astute interviewer, Ms. Walters displayed an amazing amount of thickheadedness. One of the first rules of a good interview? Know your subject.

Knowing: Phil Robertson[6]: is not that hard. Duck Commander is an open book: he loves God, his family, duck hunting and football…and usually in that order.

It is interesting that in this picture taken on the set, Jase is also missing!

Left — Right Front: Jep Robertson, Jessica Robertson, Korie Robertson, Willie Robertson, BW. Left — Right Back: Miss Kay Robertson, Uncle Si Robertson, Missy Robertson.

Duck Dynasty[7]

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