Gulf Rig Bombing: I Blame The Media And Environmental Wackos

Darleen Glick over at one of my favorite websites Protein Wisdom writes this:

Now, what won’t you see from the MSM about James Jay Lee? You won’t see Katie Couric worrying about Lee’s possible ties to Moveon or SEIU or ACORN. You won’t see Frank Rich writing about how MSNBC and Leftwing Radio have produced so much fear and anxiety that Lee is their fault. You won’t see Time and Newsweek with cover stories about angry Social Enviros and the way they poison polite political discourse. You won’t see Chris Matthews pontificating on how criminally stupid it is to be anti-capitalist. You won’t see Keith Olbermann putting Lee on of his “Worst Person in the World” list. You won’t see Paul Krugman writing that Lee’s demands are “flim-flam” and just more of the same of what we’ve always heard from the Left. You won’t see anyone on Huffington Post asserting that Lee’s home bookshelf contained copies of Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb or Howard Zinn’s The People’s history of the United States or audios of the speeches of Hugo Chavez or a Che t-shirt hanging in the closet.

Yessireebob. Lee will be summarily dismissed as a lone whacko, covered for about twelve hours and summarily dropped down the old memory hole.

Count on it, bitterclingingTeaPartyingRacistSexistHomoIslamophobeGodbothering biotches.

Please go read the whole thing.

Darleen brings home, in a very succinct way, why the left should not now, or probably for a very long time, be let off the hook for their own bias and bigotry.

As I said before, illustrate their absurdity with the absurd. To that end, I have a theory about the unfolding explosion on another Gulf Oil Rig today. It has to be an environmental wacko. I mean, they’ve been getting out of hand recently. And as the James Lee guy demonstrates, these people do tend to be given to violence.

Also, there’s this via @Mitrebox on Twitter:

If this Greenpeace woman’s inane rant doesn’t convince you that all environmental activists are mentally ill and/or possess violent tendencies, I don’t know what will.

In addition, the oil drilling ban just got overturned again, this morning (go to the link, Kerry Picket has a good report). I smell conspiracy.

In summation, environmentalists are murderers, bombers, and general people haters who will stop at nothing to push their failed ideology on to average Americans. Their rage at the imploding Global Warming scientific hoax is reaching epic proportions.

If it were me, I’d keep my children in the house on the upcoming Earth Day. The threats of violence, well, they’re just to great to be irresponsible and let children be around these people.

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