HA! Jenna Jameson Responds to Lefty Haters With “Your Mom” Quips

by Matt Vespa | August 6, 2012 12:06 pm



When it comes to responding to despicable left-wing trolls on Twitter, Jenna Jameson certainly knows how to deal with them. : Yesterday, Jameson, a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, simply tweeted that former President George W. Bush didn’t destroy her industry[2]. Well, that caused a conniption fit on the left. : With a torrent of hate tweets directed at her, she simply responded with a litany of “your mom” quips. : It was genius and: Twitchy, as always, reported on the incident.[3]




She doesn’t stop there. : She asked a couple of proggie trolls what the inimitable Barack Obama has done for the country in the past four years. : The responses were interesting.




One thing most folks seem to forget is that Ms. Jameson can hold her own in these political exchanges. : Does anyone remember her invitation to debate if pornography was harmful at the Oxford Union[7]? :  Many forecasted her to sink in the deep end, but, her argument won 204 to 27[8]! : Talk about a Dewey vs. Truman moment. : While I’m sure Twitter isn’t nearly as an incisive or respectable forum for debate in the likes of the Oxford Union, it just shows that Jameson can easily fend off the proggie drivel. : This usually happens when facts are on your side. : Therefore, these trolls should just stop embarrassing themselves. : Oh and November is coming!

(H/T Twitchy[9])



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