Liberals’ Frankenstein Monster Runs Amok in Chicago

by Dave Blount | June 24, 2011 2:23 pm

Civilization is coming unraveled in the city that gave us Barack Hussein Obama and much of his crew. But don’t be racist by noticing[1]:

Pardon the unintentional rhyme, but Chicago is under attack by packs of wild Blacks. (Paul Kersey[2] is all over this.) They’re storming buses 15 at a time, beating White people with bottles and robbing them (NBC Chicago, June 8[3]). Gangs of 15 or 20 are ambushing White pedestrians and bicyclists (CBS Chicago, June 5[4] and June 6[5]; Chicago Tribune, June 6[6]). Smaller packs are using pepper spray to disable their White victims (CBS Chicago, June 3[7] and June 5[8]). …

Until recently, the hopelessly biased[9] mainstream media were content merely to ignore, to suppress, to censor the race of these savages — that’s race, not races. But censorship wasn’t enough. It couldn’t stop readers from seeing the photos[10]. It couldn’t stop them from watching the videos[11]. It couldn’t stop them from looking out their windows at the dark-skinned mobs rampaging outside. And it couldn’t stop the White victims from telling everyone they knew.

So the readers noticed, and pretty soon they cracked the secret code: if a story omits the race of the perpetrators, it’s not because the reporter doesn’t know what race they were. It’s because they were all Black.

That’s when readers started to complain.

The Chicago Tribune responded to the complaints by denouncing its own readers and by shoveling out the usual politically correct pabulum about how awful it is to acknowledge facts liberals deem to be racist (see here[12] and here[13] and here[14] and here[15]).

Meanwhile, Chicago’s government is blaming the mayhem on Sarah Palin, the Constitution, and of course racism. Chief of Police Garry McCarthy serves up the moonbattery[16]:

The pervasion of illegal guns in America’s black and Latino communities is a result of “government-sponsored racism,” akin to “slavery, segregation, black codes [and] Jim Crow,” Rahm Emanuel’s new police chief, Garry McCarthy, told parishioners at St. Sabina’s Church earlier this month.

St. Sabina’s Church is where unhinged Obama crony Michael Phleger[17], the Emimem of Black Liberation Theology[18], spews maniacal diatribes denouncing Caucasians. Back to McCarthy:

“Let’s see if we can make a connection here. Slavery. Segregation. Black codes. Jim Crow. What, what did they all have in common? Anybody getting scared? Government sponsored racism.”

“Now I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of the African American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy: Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms, into our urban centers across this country, that are killing our black and brown children,” he said.

McCarthy blasted the NRA, telling parishioners that their communities have paid the price while the gun manufacturers are getting “rich and living in gated communities.”

And he told an anecdote of just one night with the New York Police Department. After returning home from investigating a pair of shootings, he said he flipped on the television to relax, only to find “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” being broadcast.

“She was caribou hunting, and talking about the right to bear arms,” he said. “Why wasn’t she at the crime scene with me?”

Liberals have created a monster in the form of millions of perpetually aggrieved blacks whose culture was reduced to savagery when welfare destroyed the two-parent family. As their monster runs amok, the Dr Frankensteins of the governmedia blame its victims.

Socially engineered for destruction.

On tips from Ummah Gummah and SR. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit[19]. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[20].

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