Lindsey Graham reveals how he’d solve biggest question of his White House campaign [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 10, 2015 8:02 am

When you have no substance[1], style becomes all you have. Cue the babies and flag waiving. Where do I even start? The world is burning down around our freaking ears and who do the media zero in on? The dancing queen, freaking Lindsey Graham. You know, the fun fascist[2]. And since we have absolutely no other pressing issues of the day threatening us, let’s address Graham’s marital status and how much fun he is, shall we? Never mind his Posse Come-N-Conquer-Us predilections. What’s a little fascism among comrades? If the Congress won’t move, he’ll just send in the military. Then he’ll go golfing with John McCain and all will be right in the Republic. What a monstrous joke. Graham doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning, but it is telling that the media is propping him up while ignoring strong Republican candidates such as Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Rand Paul.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, pictured here announcing his bid for the Republican
nomination for president last week, would be the first bachelor to win the White House in 130 years.

From the Daily Mail:

There’s an important question nagging Lindsey Graham as tries to become the first bachelor in White House since Woodrow Wilson.

Who would be his first lady?

Thinking it over, the Republican senator told Daily Mail Online: ‘Well, I’ve got a sister, she could play that role if necessary.’

Chuckling, he added: ‘I’ve got a lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady.’

His sister, Darline Graham Nordone, lives in their native state of South Carolina with her husband, Larry, and her two daughters, one from previous a marriage who is in college, and another who is in elementary school.

Her obligations to her immediate family would seemingly prevent her from Washington, D.C. to serve as the White House’s full-time hostess, leading Graham to make a crack about a ‘rotating first lady.’

Just two U.S. presidents were unmarried when they took office, James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland. And Cleveland later married, while in office.

Several other presidents’ wives died during their residency at the White House died, some of whom remarried.

In the absence of a first lady, sisters, daughters and other relatives have fulfilled the role of hostess.

The conundrum hasn’t presented itself in the last century, however. In fact, only one single man has even made an attempt at the White House, other than Graham, in modern politics.

That was Fred Karger, the little-known gays rights activist and former adviser to presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush who sought the GOP nomination in 2012.

Graham is also running a long-shot campaign to become the Republican nominee and may never have to consider who he’d tap as White House hostess.

‘Here’s what I’m focused on: being president, being commander in chief,’ he said, turning serious, after musing about the possibility of a ‘rotating first lady.’

I’ve ‘been knocked down enough to understand that we’re all one car wreck away from needing somebody’s help,’ he stated, revisiting the childhood tragedies that took the lives of his mother and his father within 15 months of each other when he was in college.

After graduation, he joined the Air Force and adopted his sister so that she would receive his benefits.

‘My life turned upside down. Family, friends and faith allowed me to make it,’ he said. ‘The last thing I’m worried about is some party at the White House.’

Later in the interview, however, he stressed that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would be a fun and open place if he moved in, and he’d play host regularly to his former colleagues in Congress.

‘If I get to be in the White House, I’ll bring Members of Congress and their families down. We”ll interact like Ronald Reagan did, we’ll have a lot of chance to get to know each other,’ he said. ‘I’m a social kind of guy.

‘I think one of the biggest mistakes President Obama made was being a little too distant.’

A frequent and highly visible critic of the current occupant of the Oval Office, particularly when it comes to matters of the military, first-time attendees of a Graham event would reasonably expect him to be rough around the edges and maybe a little gruff, like his close friend John McCain, the GOP’s 2008 nominee.

When it comes heavy topics such as national security Graham plays to stereotype, offering biting critiques of the Democratic president, former Secretary of State and 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton and even members of his party – namely fellow presidential candidate Rand Paul.

He’s charmed audiences along the campaign trail both in his home state – which he’s represented in Congress since 1993 – and across the nation as he runs for president, though, by lacing his policy prescriptions with the kind of candid humor he doesn’t have the opportunity to put on display in television interviews or on the Senate floor.

‘I’m actually a fun guy. I’m a lot of fun to hang around with. Just ask people who know me,’ he insisted Daily Mail Online when it asked if he had any hobbies outside plotting the destruction of ISIS.

Just ask my Senate colleagues, he advised moments later. ‘I think I’ve got a pretty good reputation of bein’ easygoing.’

Holy mother of meatloaf… can we quit chatting about diets here? How about restoring the Constitutional Republic? How about stopping the Islamists and the Caliphate from rampaging across the planet? Instead, Graham blathers on about what a fun guy he is and if he had any friends you could ask them. I’d laugh at this pathetic display from the media of adoring Progressives on the right if it weren’t so damned serious this time. And what does it say about South Carolina when they keep reelecting this pansy? Or North Carolina for that matter, who has turned Trevor Loudon away for being ‘too’ conservative? Lindsey Graham in the Daily Mail’s article virtually sucked up to every demographic he could address, while playing a moderate, while playing a military hawk. It’s a gross farce. If his most pressing question as a candidate for President is who his first lady would be, that’s simple… Graham can play both parts. Let’s not do that, shall we?

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