Lol! The Perfect Sign Appears Behind Chris Matthews & Rachel Maddow on Live TV

Lol! The Perfect Sign Appears Behind Chris Matthews & Rachel Maddow on Live TV

That’s funny! managed to get the perfect sign placed directly behind Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC infamy on live TV. The sign says, “Don’t Believe The Liberal Media!” It was indeed the ultimate warning label and was just simply perfect. This happened during the South Carolina Democratic forum and the sign was up front and personal amidst a sea of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders propaganda. The Media Research Center who is behind scored a major win on this one. Good job guys!

Media Bias

From TheBlaze:

Some conservatives would contend MSNBC should come with a warning label — and on Friday night, it did.

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During a live broadcast at the South Carolina Democratic forum, an unidentified individual took it upon himself to display a “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media” sign directly behind MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathews.

Media Bias1

The sign directed viewers to visit “,” a project of the conservative Media Research Center aimed at exposing the “liberal media” during the 2016 campaign cycle.

“Our message will be everywhere, and we will make liberal media bias a national issue throughout the 2016 elections,” the website says.

And on Friday night, it sure lived up to its promise.

MRC is vowing to be everywhere this election cycle exposing liberal bias and the media and this was a major victory for them. It got them tons of free advertising and must have really, really ticked off Matthews and Maddow, not to mention MSNBC. It was a brilliant maneuver, just brilliant. Given that maybe two people actually watch the show, it’s the fact that MRC did this that is now getting the publicity. This makes my day.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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