Movie Truth Likely to Tell Lies to Lionize Liar Dan Rather

by Dave Blount | July 23, 2015 3:55 pm

How better to commemorate the career of disgraced CBS propagandist Dan Rather than with a movie entitled Truth consisting of lies?

Dan Rather is coming to your local movie theater. At least the story behind why he’s no longer at CBS is. In “Truth,” Robert Redford plays Rather.

This won’t be the radical moonbat Redford’s first involvement in a project that twists the truth into a pretzel to advance his ultra-left ideology. Past examples include The Company You Keep, whitewashing Obama’s communist terrorist Weather Underground pals, and The Motorcycle Diaries, deifying the psychopathic communist executioner Che Guevara.

In 2004, Rather reported that President George W. Bush’s powerful father arranged to keep his son in the National Guard to prevent serving in Vietnam. The report caused such hoo-hah that a treasured 24-year anchorman lost his job.

Dan: “I’ve read the script. It’s serious. People behind it do a good job.”

The report caused “hoo-hah” because it was based on obviously forged documents that Rather used to sabotage W’s reelection campaign in an act of journalistic malfeasance so appallingly dishonest it would shame Brian Williams.

But obviously this isn’t what the movie will tell viewers, or The Dan wouldn’t approve, and his fellow leftist Redford wouldn’t participate.

Megan McArdle comments:

Now, I haven’t seen the movie. Maybe Rather has it wrong. Maybe the movie actually portrays the thing that happened, rather than the thing that Rather seems to think happened. But other reporting on this film suggests Rather is right. Ahem. I mean he is right that the film will distort history. His handling of the memo is still way wrong.

I get that movies have to take dramatic license. … Heck, it would be a great story if a major network ran an anchorman out of town because he dared to threaten Bush’s re-election. But there would seem to be a risk that people not familiar with the case will get the idea that this actually happened. So if you want to tell that story, you should probably change the names and other details. …

Like a lot of journalists [but unfortunately not enough], I get hung up on that pesky issue of “truth.” Truth is our job. All we have is the public trust, and every time someone fails to do the work of vetting stories, the whole profession suffers. I’d like to think truth matters to Hollywood too — especially in a movie about journalism called “Truth.”

Of course truth matters to Hollyweird. Obliterating it is priority Number One.

Those who control the present, control the past. In the future, Tinseltown will have established that The Dan’s phony memos were not forged, and that he was run out of CBS News because this notoriously liberal organization secretly did the bidding of the sinister Bushitler Regime.

dan rather
Getting rehabilitated by his leftist allies in Tinseltown.

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