MSNBC Leftist Melissa Harris-Perry Hit With Lien for Not Paying Taxes

by Dave Blount | April 16, 2015 1:33 pm

As a progressive, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry is sure to approve of ever more crippling taxes on the middle class (or as liberal oligarchs call us struggling tax slaves, “the rich”), intended not only to plunder the bourgeoisie but to grind it out of existence in accordance with Marxist–Leninist ideology. As a wealthy progressive, she doesn’t like paying taxes herself:

According to the IRS, although she likely makes a substantial living anchoring a weekend MSNBC show and as a professor at Wake Forest University, the left-wing Melissa Harris-Perry does not pay her taxes. The Internal Revenue Service just placed a $70,000 tax lien against Harris-Perry.

She is the second left-wing MSNBC anchor caught not paying her fair share. Al Sharpton reportedly owes Uncle Sam upwards of $3 million.

Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have Sharpton’s pull in Washington.

According to Harris-Perry, a left-wing activist who frequently rails against the wealthy for not paying enough taxes, the tax bill is from 2013…

Harris-Perry blamed the unpaid tax bill on a series of personal crises.

I imagine Hairball-Perry’s entire existence is a personal crisis, mostly stemming from being elevated to positions she is not within 30 IQ points of being qualified to fill.

You would think with all the savings from not paying taxes, she would be able to afford nicer earrings:


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