NBC Allegedly Pays Off Producer Who Accused Chris Matthews Of Sexual Harassment

by Sierra Marlee | December 17, 2017 5:00 pm

It turns out Obama wasn’t the only person sending a tingle up Chris Matthews’ leg.

A high-profile assistant producer on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” was paid thousands of dollars after filing a sexual harassment case against the liberal host. The complaint was made nearly two decades ago and is recently coming to light.

NBC allegedly paid the woman a sum of $40,000 to settle the claim against Matthews in 1997 and she was paid a smaller amount as part of a severance package.


The woman claims that Matthews made inappropriate comments about her and made sexual jokes to other people about her, which made her feel uncomfortable.

An MSNBC spokesperson confirmed that Matthews was given a formal reprimand, though it was decided that the comments were “inappropriate and juvenile” rather than supposed to be taken as propositions. It was likely because of this distinction that he wasn’t fired.

It’s not particularly surprising to me anymore that someone like Matthews would get busted for speaking inappropriately to and about women. It’s being discovered that those who preach “pro-woman” stances are often trying to hide their own actions against women.

Liberal Democrats have been getting busted for making advances/sexual comments to women who would otherwise condemn a person for doing the exact same thing. It’s slowly making one realize that there are very few people that you can trust to practice what they preach, so to speak. I don’t blame these men for making dumb comments. We all do it. However, if you’re going to hold yourself to some ascendant standard of morality and purport to tell other people how they should act, you should probably come forth with your own misdeeds and explain how you learned from them, as well as apologize to the person you made feel uncomfortable with your very presence.

The boom in alleged victims of sexual harassment/assault since the Harvey Weinstein story broke has been both good and bad. Good because it has forced men in powerful positions to take accountability for their actions, but bad because we don’t know who is telling the truth and who just wants their face on TV and a book deal. And don’t act like that’s never happened before. There are plenty of stories proving that women have lied about sex crimes before for reasons as petty as wanting a boy on the football team to take pity on her and date her. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised at all by the number of men who have been implicated by these allegations. Power makes people do stupid things.

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