Panel From ‘The Five’ Discuss Russian Investigation Coming Back To Throat Punch Democrats [VIDEO]

Panel From ‘The Five’ Discuss Russian Investigation Coming Back To Throat Punch Democrats [VIDEO]

This is something I have been saying for some time now. The Democrats should be careful what they wish for, because it may indeed boomerang on them. Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters pointed out just that last night on The Five. The media and the left are blowing the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and this Russian attorney up. I believe a special counsel should look into all this. The Trumps and Kushner would be exonerated if they do, but I highly doubt that the Obama administration and Loretta Lynch would be. They gave that attorney a special visa to get into the country and then just didn’t bother to find out if she left.

I also find it highly suspicious that this meeting was set up with the Russian woman the way it was. She’s in tight with the left, has Trump hate on her Facebook feed and looks like she’s some kind of plant… whether for the Russians or the left or both. In the end, this could bite the Democrats in the ass big time and that would just be hysterical.

From TheBlaze:

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The Five co-hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld enthusiastically explained how the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials will “boomerang” and ensnare Democrats instead of Republicans. They made the comments Friday on Fox News.

“You look at the actual information that was out there that damaged her the most,” explained guest host Lisa Boothe, “and was the biggest indictment of her and her character, was self-inflicted wounds. It was the setting up a private email server, the deleting of tens of thousands of emails with bleachbit, the Clinton Foundation and the quid pro quo.”

“So literally everything that damaged her candidacy outside of her just being a generally unlikeable person, was all self-inflicted,” she concluded.

“And it always boomerangs back on the Democrats,” Watters said to Gutfeld, “we’ve seen the Susan Rice boomerang, we’ve seen the Comey memos boomerang, and it looks like, this has boomeranged. Who let this person into the country?”

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wants to look into the burgeoning conspiracy theory surrounding the entrance of the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskkaya into the country after her visa had expired. Gutfeld also points out that a full accounting under oath of all of Podesta’s meetings as well would have to come out. Considering he took millions from the Russians, that would be awesome.

“If you’re gonna do this all those meetings with operatives and the operatives that promised dirt on Trump including this fake dossier from a Brit – where did that come from?” Gutfeld continued. That’s an excellent question and exactly how was John McCain caught up in all that? Hmmm? “These are all important questions that, and again I go back to a very simple fact,” he concluded. “Anybody would take this meeting if they promised you dirt and Podesta, with his little cut-out firms, I would not be surprised.” And that is true as well, but step carefully there… because there is a fine line drawn between gathering campaign info and colluding with a hostile foreign government. But generally, anyone would get the info if they could.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign has expanded to include Donald Trump Jr.’s emails about his June 2016 meeting with the Russians. I think we are up to eight people in that meeting now. The State Department has indicated that they’re investigating whether Hillary Clinton and her associates should continue to have security clearances, but no other investigation has been revealed otherwise. But I’ll guarantee you that this isn’t the end and you aren’t hearing all that is going on. I think the hunters may become the hunted before this is done.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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