Terrorist Muslim Anjem Coudary Won’t Even Take Compliment From Media Without Attacking Them

by Warner Todd Huston | May 15, 2015 10:57 am

This is a hilarious story. Anjem Coudary, the terror-loving Muslim “Imam” from England, has been pushing hate speech for years. But despite this, the media continues to treat him as a serious, worthy representative of Islam. Amusingly, even when the media thinks it is giving him a compliment he slams them back.

A BBC commentator talking of Coudary and claimed[1] he is “just like” Ganhdi or Nelson Mandella.

THE BBC has come under fire after one of its chief reporters shockingly compared extremism preacher Anjem Choudary to civil rights heroes Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

Stunned viewers watched home affairs editor Mark Easton criticising the Government’s plans to silence hate-mongers such as Choudary, who has refused to condemn the killing of Lee Rigby, by asking whether great historical figures would pass the proposed test.

The newsman carried on by saying extreme views were needed in order to “challenge very established values”.

Speaking on BBC News at Ten last night, the home affairs editor went further and, following a news piece on Choudary, Mr Easton said: “It’s one thing to ban someone for inciting hatred or violence, but quite another to pass a law that silences anyone who challenges established values.

“I was in Parliament Square today – a statue of Gandhi looking down at me who was jailed for being extremist; Mandela who was jailed for being an extremist.

Coudary responded slamming the media saying he was offended by being compared to what the media claims are great men of peace.

The comparison with Mandela & Ghandi are false, they are kufaar heading to hellfire whilst I am a Muslim Alhamdulilah http://t.co/6YPl8bY3CV[2]

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) May 14, 2015[3]

Hilarious. He kicks the media in the teeth even as they claim to be complimenting him!

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