The Mainstream Media Finally Investigates Birther Allegations

by John Hawkins | April 26, 2011 5:08 am

The mainstream media SHOULD have been doing thorough reports on Obama’s birth certificate when he was running for President. The question was already in the air at the time and there was a lot less known about the issue than there is today. Honestly, I think a lot of news services avoided the issue because they were afraid of what they might find. In other words, had he actually been born overseas, it could have meant that John McCain would be the President and so they preferred not to dig too deep.

However, in response to Donald Trump, they’re digging now and unsurprisingly, they’re reaffirming the obvious truth: Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

First off, here’s the Associated Press[1].

Lost in the renewed scrutiny into President Barack Obama’s birth records is the fact that anyone can walk into a Hawaii vital records office, wait in line behind couples getting marriage licenses and open a baby-blue government binder containing basic information about his birth.

Highlighted in yellow on page 1,218 of the thick binder is the computer-generated listing for a boy named Barack Hussein Obama II born in Hawaii, surrounded by the alphabetized last names of all other children born in-state between 1960 and 1964. This is the only government birth information, called “index data,” available to the public.

…Newspaper birth announcements appeared in both The Honolulu Advertiser and The Honolulu Star-Bulletin in the weeks after he was born.

The Aug. 13, 1961 announcement in the Advertiser appears on page B-6 of the Sunday edition, next to classified ads for carpentry work and house repair.

It says, “Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4.” The address belonged to the parents of Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother.

A similar announcement appeared the following day on page 24 of the Star-Bulletin.

CNN[2] did an even better piece.

Dr. Chiyome Fukino, a former director of the Hawaii Department of Health and a Republican, told CNN in her most extensive comments to date that she has “no doubt” Obama was born in the state.

Obama’s 2008 campaign produced a “certification of live birth,” a document legally accepted as confirmation of a birth and routinely used for official purposes. Fukino, however, went one step further, taking advantage of a state law that allows certain public officials to examine a person’s actual birth certificate if there is a “direct and tangible interest.”
The president’s actual certificate, she said, is stored in a vault in the building that houses the Department of Health. Ironically, unlike the certificate of live birth, it is no longer accepted for official usage.

Obama’s certificate is “absolutely authentic,” she said. “He was absolutely born here in the state of Hawaii.”

…Could Obama’s 1961 birth announcement in the Honolulu Star Bulletin be a fake? Some conspiracy theorists say yes. Longtime Honolulu newspaper reporter Dan Nakaso says no.

“It’s not possible,” Nakaso told CNN. “Under the system that existed back then, there was no avenue for people to submit information that way. … The information came directly from the state Department of Health.”

Indeed, as CNN confirmed, all birth announcements at the time came directly from hospital birth records.

Could Obama, a self-proclaimed Christian, be preventing the distribution of copies of the original birth certificate because it identifies him as a Muslim?

Fukino says no. The original certificate includes no mention of the president’s religion. And indeed, other original certificates from that time don’t mention faith.

Obama could file a Freedom of Information Act request to view his original birth certificate and make copies. But at this point, the White House maintains, nothing will satisfy the doubters.

…Current Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie says he did. Abercrombie, a Democrat, was friendly with Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, and remembers celebrating the birth.

…Dewey remembered a conversation in which Dunham compared the birth of Obama with that of his sister, Maya, who actually was born overseas.

“She said, ‘When I had Maya, it was a lot of more difficult because Indonesia doesn’t believe in painkillers while you’re giving birth. … Of course, in the United States, giving birth to Barry (Obama’s childhood nickname) was quite different and much more comfortable,’ ” Dewey recalled.

If you look at just that information, it’s hard to see how anyone can logically conclude anything other than that Obama was born in Hawaii. Of course, Obama doesn’t want people to come to that conclusion. That’s why he hasn’t put a copy of his original birth certificate out there. Outside of professional con men like Jerome Corsi, Joseph Farah, and Alex Jones who make a living pushing conspiracy theories for profit, nobody benefits from keeping the birther discussion going more than Obama.

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