Tired of the Pope: Fox News’ Kilmeade is Fed Up – Says Should Stay Home, Fight Islam [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 22, 2015 2:27 pm

I find Brian Kilmeade’s candor on the Pope very refreshing[1]. Red Francis is everything he said and much more. He hasn’t met a Marxist, communist or dictator he doesn’t seem to love. And now he’ll be here in front of Congress Thursday to lecture Americans on the evils of capitalism; how we are destroying the planet and must fall in line over climate change; and how it is incumbent on Christians to take in illegal immigrants and refugees even if it literally kills us and destroys our country. Kilmeade’s not the piece of work here… it’s the Pope who has earned that moniker.

Brian Kilmeade[2]

From BizPac Review:

All of a sudden, progressives love Catholicism.

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade has been taking fire from the political left for controversial statements he made in anticipation of the pope’s visit to America.

“Yeah, I’m Catholic, and he could stay home,” Kilmeade told Chris Wallace on “Kilmeade & Friends” radio show last week.

“Some of his comments just have no place. He’s in the wrong country. But I tell you what…”

Wallace cut him off and asked Kilmeade to clarify his statement.

“He doesn’t like capitalism,” Kilmeade continued.

“He blames us and money for what’s going on in the Middle East. He says that global warming — we’ve got to do more to have global warming — we’re doing more than anybody else.

“Get on China, show some courage. He’s never visited our country before, now he gets around to it and he’s critical going in? I’ve had enough, you know — take on, take on Islam, then talk to me.”

Wallace predicted the show would get angry emails and comments because of Kilmeade’s message.

“Bring it on,” Kilmeade replied. “Tired of the pope.”

This Pope has embraced Islam, even as priests and nuns are kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed. The church does not pony up ransom and just turns their back as Catholic leaders are slaughtered. The largest Christian genocide the world has ever seen is taking place on this Pope’s watch and he says next to nothing about it. He sure doesn’t fight to stop it. No, he jets to Cuba to snuggle with the murderous Castro brothers, while dissidents rot in their jails. He goes to slums and commiserates with radicals every chance he gets and facilitates the erasure of our borders and sovereignty. Meanwhile, the Vatican raises their flag outside the UN and the Pope ponders a one-world religion. This Marxist Pope has been an historical disaster and I join Brian Kilmeade in saying that he’s definitely in the wrong country.

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