Tomi Lahren Has Finally Had Enough – UNLEASHES on Megyn Kelly [VIDEO]

by Cassy Fiano | December 14, 2016 11:52 am

Tomi Lahren, a host on TheBlaze TV, bizarrely took aim at Fox News star Megyn Kelly during an interview with Pamela Geller this week. According to Lahren, Kelly is just another mindless liberal. Why? Because she criticizes Trump and pointed out that Geller has a tendency to be intentionally provocative. Lahren doesn’t actually disprove anything that Kelly said, but you know, it’s still “wrong” and “crossing a line.” Because, reasons!


Last week, Kelly discussed Pamela Geller, using her “Draw Muhammad” contest as an example. According to Kelly, Geller “is no question a hateful person who held this ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest down in Texas. And then they got attacked by two terrorists. Now she is a provocateur, and she is not a fan of anyone who is Muslim from the sound of what she says. But this is America and she has the right to say those things.”

So, let’s practice a little reading comprehension first. Kelly pointed out that Geller held a provocative contest, does not like Muslims, has a right to say whatever she wants — as well as hold a “Draw Muhammad” contest — and that her contest was the target of a terrorist attack. Nothing in that statement was untrue or really, even offensive. But to Conservative Barbie Tomi Lahren, this was the worst thing ever. Why? Because, reasons!

“I’ve been rather quiet about Megyn Kelly throughout this election cycle,” Lahren said. “She does her thing and speaks her truth and that’s all fine and dandy, even if it has alienated a lot of Trump supporters—that’s on her. But where does she get off saying this?”

Geller quickly piled on, saying, “I have to think, well what has Megyn Kelly done for Muslim girls who are in trouble, who want to live free lives? I find it shocking that she A) considers herself a journalist when she knows nothing of my work. B) Smears, defames and libels me, why? Because she’s so eager to move to NBC, ABC, or CBS or one of those last vestiges of ‘the gold standard of journalism?’ And honestly, if that’s the standard of journalism where we are now then she clearly belongs in one of those cesspools, and they are cesspools because they smear and they defame people. And she owes me an apology.”

Of course, if Geller wanted to talk about the “gold standard” of journalism, or demean someone as belonging to a “cesspool,” she might want to try getting her own facts straight first. Kelly actually hasn’t tried to move to another network, because Fox News pays her an insane salary of $20 million that no other network can beat. No other network comes close to the ratings she gets at Fox, either. And while Geller wants to pout and cry about how Kelly “smeared, defamed, and libeled” her, let’s reiterate: all Kelly said was that Geller is intentionally provocative, has the right to be so, does not like Muslims and was the target of a terrorist attack. None of what Kelly said is false and of course, neither Lahren nor Geller actually showed that Kelly’s statement was inaccurate. They just did the liberal thing, where they whine because someone was mean!

Lahren continued, spouting empty-headed nonsense with no actual facts or data behind her argument. For Lahren, it’s just speculation and empty platitudes.


“It’s so weird to me because listening to that [interview], of course from NPR, of all places, if I were to close my eyes and I wouldn’t have looked at any photos and I wouldn’t have known whose voice it was, I would have sworn that that was a liberal,” Lahren said. “I wouldn’t have thought it was going to come from Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. But you know she’s done some very surprising things this year, that I’m rather confused about. I’m not sure if she’s purposely alienating conservatives, purposely alienating Trump supporters. But I don’t know if she’s doing herself a whole lot of favors. Especially by going after you in a meritless way.

“The last time a Christian drew Jesus, or a non-Christian drew Jesus, or a Christian drew a Jew, or any of that, no one died. There wasn’t a terrorist attack. I am wondering if she understands the Jihadi threat to this nation, or if she is glossing over it like the rest of the mainstream.”

What’s “weird” is that Lahren thinks Kelly isn’t doing herself “a whole lot of favors,” considering that Kelly, again, has an insanely high salary and one of the highest rated cable news shows on television. See, being willing to give equal scrutiny to both sides of the debate is called “journalism,” Tomi. It may be hard for a hyper-partisan like Lahren to understand, but only attacking liberals and Democrats while never actually criticizing Republicans is not journalism. There actually aren’t many good journalists out there, who can be neutral on the issues and equally critical of both sides. Maybe that’s why Kelly’s show gets so many ratings — Americans like seeing a journalist who won’t let bias cloud her work. Tomi Lahren clearly doesn’t understand that, which is why she’ll probably never enjoy the kind of salary and ratings that Kelly does.

But sure. Megyn Kelly, of all people, needs to take lessons from Internet flash-in-the-pan Tomi Lahren, because evidently, if someone is on Fox News, that means they aren’t allowed to criticize anyone on the right. It’s the most ridiculous complaint ever — that Kelly was mean to someone that Lahren likes! — but hey, that’s Tomi Lahren for you.

Grow up, Tomi. Conservative women are better than this. This kind of behavior? It’s an embarrassment.

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