VIDEO: After They Called Her Body ‘Gross’, a Pregnant Anchor’s Colleagues Give Rude Viewers the Perfect Response

by Cassy Fiano | April 2, 2015 4:51 pm

Sometimes, people are so cruel and despicable that it makes you want to lose hope for humanity. But then, other people come in and manage to give you hope again… like a pregnant news anchor’s colleagues, who fought back when viewers called her body “gross”.

kristi gordon[1]

Kristi Gordon took to her Global News blog at the beginning of her pregnancy and told viewers the happy news. At first, she says, viewers were supportive, but having gone through the process with her first baby, she knew at some point there would be a turn – from well-wishes to unalloyed hate.

She was right. This time it was worse, with viewers heaping on the haterade. Some of them wrote some particularly rude things. Gordon featured a few of the responses on her blog.

… Her colleagues urged her to ignore the hate and shake it off, by taking a tip from Taylor Swift.

Gordon wasn’t entirely convinced, until she noticed what her co-anchors were doing with the hate notes. Like kids playing the paper football game, her colleagues starting flicking the notes off the table with glee.

In one moment, not only did her co-anchors show they had her back, but they made her smile and forget the haters. Not bad for a day’s work.

It’s sweet to see this woman’s colleagues show that they were there in solidarity with her. And to the people talking about how a pregnant woman’s body is “gross”, please — get a life.

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