Washington Post Allows Muslim Professor To Call People Concerned About Islam Ignorant On Op-Ed Page

by William Teach | September 12, 2010 9:55 am

It’s not the first time the Washington Post has allowed this apparent hardcore Islamist use of their op-ed page. Previously, he whined about being banned in the USA[1]. Perhaps there is a reason, though, of course, the ACLU and other dhimmi’s took up his cause, and the Obama State Dept. revoked his banning. Here is the title on the main opinions page[2]

Got that? It’s not because you are a hater of people who stone women, whip women, hang gays, want to exterminate Jews and Israel, among others, and, oh, yeah, let’s not forget fly hijack planes into buildings to kill civilians. No, it’s because you are just too stupid to understand Islam[3]

Just a short time ago, Europe seemed to be the part of the West where fears of Islam were most evident, with its bitter controversies over headscarf bans or the construction of mosques in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Yet in recent weeks, America’s relationship with Islam appears to have changed. The battle over a planned Islamic community center[4] near Ground Zero in New York and the proposed burning of the Koran by a Florida pastor have revealed similar worries, and journalists and intellectuals (including, ironically, European ones) have been quick to describe the rise of Islamophobia in America.

Interestingly, those worries about Islamists in Europe have been accompanied by riots and murders in Europe, all by ……. yes, Muslims! And let’s not forget the threats of murder in Europe by……Islamists. Furthermore, it is interesting that Jones’ threat to burn the Koran brought about massive violence by Muslims worldwide, who figured they had a license to mayhem just at the thought of burning a Koran. Which nutty Jones never actually did.

Polls show that nearly half of Americans have unfavorable views of Islam, and the fear of this faith in America is undeniable. But is it as simple as xenophobia and racism? I do not believe so. Natural and understandable concerns can be transformed into active rejection and open racism when political discourse and media coverage fan the flames for ideological, religious or economic interests. That is what is happening in America today.

Again, most of the hate and violence around the world came from Islamists. Sure, there were a few anti-Muslim and GZ mosque folks who decided they would go too far, but, really, there is quite a bit of difference between burning a Koran or ripping a few pages out and rioting, torching buildings, and chanting death to America, I’d reckon.

The great majority of Americans do not know much about Islam but nonetheless fear it as violent, expansionist and alien to their society. The problem to overcome is not hatred, but ignorance. The challenge for Muslims in America is to respect the fears of ordinary people while resisting the exploitation of those fears by political parties, lobbies and sectors of the media. To meet this challenge, Muslims must reassess their own involvement, behavior and contributions in American society.

See? You’re stupid. If only you truly knew about Islam, you’d submit. Which, of course, is what Islam means. Submission to Allah. Submission to Sharia law. To women being second class citizens, whipped for being seen in public with a man other than their father or husband. To being married off as a young teen. To killing the unbeliever. To…..well, actually, you know what Islam stands for. And when we call the hardcores “extremists,” really, they aren’t. The ones we call moderates are actually the extremists, for failing to follow the full word of Mohammed.

Negative perceptions of Islam are hardly new in the West — they date back to the medieval age, not to Sept. 11, 2001. In the late 20th century, they were overtly revealed through crises such as the Iranian revolution and the Salman Rushdie affair, which suggested that Islam threatened Western security interests as well as core values such as freedom of expression. More recently, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (as well as in Bali, Madrid and London) as well as the Danish cartoon fiasco only appeared to confirm to many in the West that Islam is an enemy, forever estranged from them. The wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict feed the same fears.

Apparently, we have nothing to fear from Islamists, despite the attacks by Muslims in the name of Allah. Perhaps, instead of calling people in the West rubes, Ramadan could work towards stopping the reason people fear Islam when he speaks to Muslims[5]

When speaking to Western audiences, Ramadan preaches an amicable message of unity and mutual respect. But to Arabic-speaking audiences, he vents his deep-seated hatred of the West and his endorsement of Wahhabism, the most extreme form of Islam. Moreover, Ramadan has numerous connections to fundamentalist Islamic militants and is suspected by U.S. intelligence agencies of maintaining ties with the terrorist group al Qaeda[6].

Oh. Interesting. And who could forget this

Ramadan characterized the 9/11 attacks, the October 2002 Bali nightclub attack, and the March 2004 Madrid train bombings as “interventions” rather than acts of terrorism.

And there is much more that paints Ramadan as part of the problem that makes people fearful and distrustful of Islam. But, hey, thanks for giving this hardcore the benefit of preaching to the USA, calling us ignorant, on the Sunday editorial page, Washington Post. This is what is called “dhimmitude.”

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