WHAT! Lefty Canuck Slams Jenna Jameson

WHAT! Lefty Canuck Slams Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson’s epic smackdown of left-wing trolls on twitter has gone international. : The vicious proggie twitter assault began when she tweeted that George Bush never destroyed her industry on August 5th—which prompted one particular lefty to respond by saying Jameson should kill herself. : Can you feel the tolerance? : Jameson responded to the depraved tweets: with a litany of ‘your mom’ quips, which was a throwback to her: : Oxford Union debate days—but with a little more snark.

When it became clear that Ms. Jameson was not supporting the president’s re-election bid, it further irked the left. : However, the most absurd exchange came from Yasmin Sadeghi—who presumptuously said that Jameson wasn’t a left-winger or a right-winger, but “a selfish rich girl who doesn’t want to pay taxes.” Jameson, now a successful entrepreneur, almost “choked on her diet soda” when she found out that Sadeghi was CANADIAN.



Yasmin, you’re out of your element! : Forgetting that your a crazy lefty canuck, you have zero business commenting on other people’s finances. : That’s just insane. : It’s bad enough when our own left-wingers in Washington try to make the case that the money we make isn’t ours, so we would appreciate you keeping those Canadian policy prescriptions to yourself.: Lastly, since you won’t be receiving any American services, it’s baffling that you even opened your mouth at all. : Then again, diarrhea of the mouth is a terrible liberal affliction that seems to: be a chronic disorder with Joe Biden.

In all Yasmin, it’s not that the job creating and investing class don’t want to pay taxes— it’s that the liberal Democrats keep spending while the tax base is gradually : becoming smaller. : Would you like to be responsible for freeloaders? : That’s a situation which leads to moral hazard. : These people have zero interest in curbing the size of government they aren’t paying for—but for a citizen of a socialist nation— I know this is hard for you to understand.



In all, Jameson fended off the first wave of the Canadian invasion. : America:1 Canada: 0.

I don’t know about you, but I think South Park was aware of their pernicious agenda. (I’m kidding)

Although, I don’t think this will be the last time lefty proggies trash her, or any conservative, on Twitter for that matter. : Nevertheless, it’s sure fun to mess with them.

I would too.


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