WHAT! Lefty Canuck Slams Jenna Jameson

by Matt Vespa | August 15, 2012 9:04 am


Jenna Jameson’s epic smackdown of left-wing trolls on twitter has gone international. : The vicious proggie twitter assault began when she tweeted that George Bush never destroyed her industry on August 5th[2]—which prompted one particular lefty to respond by saying Jameson should kill herself. : Can you feel the tolerance? : Jameson responded to the depraved tweets: with a litany of ‘your mom’ quips[3], which was a throwback to her: : Oxford Union debate d[4]ays—but with a little more snark.

When it became clear that Ms. Jameson was not supporting the president’s re-election bid[5], it further irked the left. : However, the most absurd exchange came from Yasmin Sadeghi—who presumptuously said that Jameson wasn’t a left-winger or a right-winger, but “a selfish rich girl who doesn’t want to pay taxes.” Jameson, now a successful entrepreneur, almost “choked on her diet soda” when she found out that Sadeghi was CANADIAN.




Yasmin, you’re out of your element! : Forgetting that your a crazy lefty canuck, you have zero business commenting on other people’s finances. : That’s just insane. : It’s bad enough when our own left-wingers in Washington try to make the case that the money we make isn’t ours, so we would appreciate you keeping those Canadian policy prescriptions to yourself.: Lastly, since you won’t be receiving any American services, it’s baffling that you even opened your mouth at all. : Then again, diarrhea of the mouth is a terrible liberal affliction that seems to: be a chronic disorder with Joe Biden.[7]

In all Yasmin, it’s not that the job creating and investing class don’t want to pay taxes— it’s that the liberal Democrats keep spending while the tax base is gradually : becoming smaller. : Would you like to be responsible for freeloaders? : That’s a situation which leads to moral hazard. : These people have zero interest in curbing the size of government they aren’t paying for—but for a citizen of a socialist nation— I know this is hard for you to understand.




In all, Jameson fended off the first wave of the Canadian invasion. : America:1 Canada: 0.

I don’t know about you, but I think South Park was aware of their pernicious agenda. (I’m kidding)

Although, I don’t think this will be the last time lefty proggies trash her, or any conservative, on Twitter for that matter. : Nevertheless, it’s sure fun to mess with them.


I would too.


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