Wife of Chris Matthews Running for Congress

by Dave Blount | March 6, 2015 2:16 pm

The revolving door between the federal government and the liberal media establishment turns and turns. Kathleen Matthews, wife of spittle-spewing MSNBC propagandist Chris Matthews, is running for Congress in Maryland. Care to guess which party?

[Kathleen] Matthews was a popular longtime anchor for WJLA-ABC7, then-owned by the family of POLITICO publisher Robert Allbritton. Matthews, currently abroad on business, has begun talking to Democratic activists and interviewing potential consultants.

Chris Matthews came to journalism through politics; he was a speechwriter for Jimmy Carter. Kathleen is going the other way, via big business, which in our crony capitalist system also plays a major role in the ruling clique’s revolving door. She is currently executive vice president and chief global communications and public affairs officer of Marriott International.

Matthews, who has long talked about running for office, advocated Marriott’s move toward more progressive policies, including sustainability and LGBT friendliness. She pushed the company to open a hotel in Haiti after the earthquake — Bill Clinton attended the opening last month.

You can imagine the sort of policies she will vote to impose if she wins the seat — which she probably will in ultraliberal Maryland.

At least when Tweety reports on the thrill up his leg, it will be somewhat less creepy when he’s talking about his wife.

A team.

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