YES! Laura Ingraham Points to Press, Says THESE 3 Words and The Crowd Goes WILD! [VIDEO]

by Cassy Fiano | July 20, 2016 9:53 pm

There have been a lot of electrifying speeches at this year’s Republican National Convention, and last night, Laura Ingraham’s was no different. And she had one message just for the press.

laura ingraham[1]

From Young Conservatives:

Laura Ingraham is a rock star in many conservative circles and has been a vocal Trump supporter for months now.

Her speech tonight at the GOP convention was one for the books.

At one point during her speech, she pointed to the area where the press sets up and yelled at them.

Her message?

A simple one.

“Do your job!”

… Laura nailed it tonight.

The media has been incredibly dishonest during this election cycle.

Ironically, they are partially responsible for the rise of Trump.

They have nothing to complain about.

At the end of the day, they created Trump by constantly lying to the American people.

The bias of the media is well-known and something they don’t even try to hide anymore. While it’s nice to see them getting called out, let’s be real: nothing’s going to change.

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