Megyn Kelly Shocks Fans – Look at Who She’s Interviewing for NBC

Megyn Kelly Shocks Fans – Look at Who She’s Interviewing for NBC

You’d think that Megyn Kelly would take the money she’s earned and head into early retirement after the beating she took going up against Trump in last year’s televised debates, but after agreeing to take a gig with NBC, she’ll be back on screens starting this Sunday. Her show will continue the style of interviews she held before when she worked for Fox before leaving in January 2017.

She’s already recorded a few interviews, including people like sportcaster Erin Andrews and author of “The Hillbilly Elegy,” J.D. Vance. But, these won’t be shown for another few weeks. Her very first guest will set political commentators on fire.

This Sunday, Megyn Kelly will introduce her new NBC show by interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin, filmed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. To start, this is a panel session, but she is trying to get a one-on-one interview with the boogeyman plaguing Democrats into believing that Russians hacked the November election.

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While Megyn Kelly said that tears were shed during the interview with J.D. Vance, the conversation with Putin will be “a little harder-hitting.”

Who, exactly, is this interview aimed towards and how many questions will Kelly want Putin to answer about Trump?

Back at Fox News, Megyn Kelly has remained quiet about former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes. Ailes died recently and is the subject of an ongoing sexual harassment investigation. Kelly herself even admitted that the former CEO had acted “inappropriately” toward her and that this factored into her leaving the channel for NBC.

Fox has been under fire and scrutiny lately, with Bill O’Reilly being fired and the loss of Greta Van Susteren, not to mention the continued speculation about whether Sean Hannity will be booted from the network.

Kelly’s new show is only scheduled for a limited summertime run that will be cut off when NFL returns in the fall and will return in 2018 after the Winter Olympics.

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