As Soon As The Media Reports What Melania Wore BACK To Texas, The Left Will LOSE IT!

As Soon As The Media Reports What Melania Wore BACK To Texas, The Left Will LOSE IT!

Now, that’s funny! Melania and Donald Trump headed back to Houston and then Louisiana today. Last time, she was ridiculed and harassed by the media endlessly for wearing “Hurricane Stilettos.” The joke was on all of them as Melania changed on the plane into white tennis shoes, simple black slacks, a white blouse, shades and an awesome FLOTUS hat (which triggered them all over again). In a giant “F”-you! moment, Melania wore snakeskin stiletto heels on the way to Marine One and then Air Force One again. That’s rich. Heh.

It’s obvious Melania doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the media dithers over. She’s her own woman and as I’ve said before, she carefully dresses for every event. She was stunning in a beige ensemble with matching heels and it drove the media mad. Here we go again. Good times. Melania Trump wears high heels and the media comes unglued. Somebody stop her! Giggle. I’d like to see them try.

I’m sure the media will once again beclown themselves over this newsworthy event. Perhaps they’ll have the freaky fashion editor at Vogue sling insults at her again. The only thing shocking there is that editor. I’ll take Melania’s fashion sense any day. They just can’t stand that a beautiful, brilliant woman is the First Lady AND a Republican. It just curdles their milk.

And bonus, Melania never stumbles or glitches when she walks. Walking in uber high heels is second nature to the ex-model. She’s always perfectly dressed and beautiful, a wonderful change from the last inhabitants of the White House. I just adore how Melania ignores the haters out there. Perhaps the media will just re-run their lameness from last week. Or maybe they will take to social media again to declare how offended they are. It doesn’t matter. She rocks those heels like a boss and deliberately wore them to rub it in the media’s face. Awesome.

It’s soooo refreshing to have a beautiful, badass FLOTUS. Looks like she’s not so out-of-touch after all, huh? I mean she’s got her finger on the media’s pulse… faint as it may be. She’d probably love to boot them in the ass with those heels as well. I’d pay to see that. This is one tough lady and she hates the media as much as President Trump does. Good for her. I’m right there with her on that one. I can’t wait to see how she flips them off next.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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