BOOM: Look Who Just Came To Melania’s Defense After She Was Attacked For Reciting Lord’s Prayer [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | February 20, 2017 11:52 pm


For those who missed it, Melania Trump recently opened a Trump Rally this past weekend by reading the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning. It was a bold and brave move that got quite a loud response from the public. Many felt grateful that she was willing to put herself in a tenuous situation so she could proclaim her faith. But the most vocal responses to the prayer were not in favor of Melania’s brave choice.[2]

Many are angry she would pray a Christian prayer at a rally for the President of a country that is not entirely Christian.

Which is true.

Not every American is Christian.

But do you know what every American IS? Every American is guaranteed the right to worship as they please. Every American is given the right to pray how and where they want. We may not be a nation of only one religion. But that is exactly why it is SO important for every individual be ensured their right to worship. The diversity and freedom of choice is exactly what makes America so strong and bold.

Taya Kyle had similar sentiments that she felt the need to vocalize and I am 100% behind her on this.

On Fox & Friends Monday, Kyle called the attacks on Melania’s prayer reading “unfounded.”

“The attacks are unfounded, and I think people don’t understand what was meant originally by separation of state and church,” Kyle said. “It was meant to protect the churches from government influence. It was meant to protect the people from having the government force a religion down their throat or compel them to believe something their conscience was not allowing for.”

Do you support Melania’s prayer??

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