THE NERVE! Hillary Is Now Criticizing First Lady Melania Trump – Tells Her How To Do Her Job [VIDEO]

THE NERVE! Hillary Is Now Criticizing First Lady Melania Trump – Tells Her How To Do Her Job [VIDEO]

Hillary. You lost. Go retire to a private island or a prison cell.

Why would Hillary Clinton go out of her way to get upset at Melania? Who knows? Just for laughs, do you remember this few second video showing Hillary catching Bill staring at Melania at Trump’s Inauguration?

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A few days ago, Melania appeared at the UN to talk about cyberbullying and wore a loud pink dress, probably in an homage to the anti-bullying campaign called Pink Day. Free trivia: one of the Pink Day founders ran for a conservative political party after he gained international fame for his work.

“I don’t think anybody is doing enough on cyberbullying, because it’s real and it has a particularly damaging effect on young people, who are so influenced by and personally affected by what is said about them or is said to them.”

She went on to say that cyberbullying is a “major issue” and that she too wanted to “do more” with cyberbullying. She said that social media is especially bad.

So, let’s keep this in mind, as Hillary gives a one-sided interview to a bunch of left-wing hippie progressives who are asking her about mean comments on the Internet.

“…if [Melania] were serious” enough to follow through, “there’s be so many people whod’ be willing to try to help her on that.”

A Democrat offering tech advice to anyone, let alone the FLOTUS? The Democrats are under a lot of pressure right now for their misuse of technology, from Clinton’s private email servers to Imran Awan who tried to skedaddle off to Pakistan before being arrested in Dulles airport for mishandling delicate White House documents.

Hillary needs to get off of her high horse and find something else to spend her time on besides getting snippy at Melania trying to do something nice in the world. I’d rather have Melania talk about something that impacts high school students in a positive way instead of Michelle’s attempt to starve American students by offering them the world’s worst lunch menus.

We all know that Hill is just being snippy about the great golf tweet that Trump posted over the weekend.

Cyberbullying is just like regular bullying, except it’s cyber. It’s much harder to stamp down on cyberbullying because it can involve thousands of people at once. Myself, I would recommend turning off your phone if you feel like you’re being cyberbullied. One of the most popular tweets of all time on Twitter deals with the subject:

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