EPIC Meme CRUSHES Liberals On Gun Control [VIDEO]

by McGuire | May 28, 2016 1:24 pm

The more I know about liberals, the more I love my guns. I am going to need them more than I thought to protect myself from the special kind of stupid they want to make me experience. This one REALLY takes the cake.

guns like liberals 750[1]

Via Sierra Marlee:[2]

It’s always satisfying to hear someone say exactly what’s on your mind, on a public stage. Sheriff Clarke did JUST that at the NRA-ILA leadership forum and it was GREAT.[3]

Untitled (1)[4]

At the beginning of the video Clarke discusses why he salutes the audience before his presentations and what he has to say will make your heart swell.

He then gets down to it when he starts to talk about Obama leaving the White House and why the 2nd Amendment is such a hotly contested issue.

Watch the video below:

There is nothing in that speech that I didn’t agree with. We can always count on Sheriff Clarke to be a calm voice of reason.

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