Hillary Clinton Gets OWNED By Brutally Honest Meme

by McGuire | July 3, 2016 1:50 pm

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Via Frank Lea:[2]

The day has come when Hillary Clinton is finally interviewed by the FBI about her email-gate situation. This is another required step in order for authorities to determine if there’s a legitimate reason to press charges. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she will honor the decisions of the prosecutors. That’s very odd because Lynch just had a little visit with Bill Clinton. What they said, we might not ever know.

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Friday she would accept the recommendations of career prosecutors and federal agents on whether to file charges in the email investigation.

The announcement of her decision to accept the FBI recommendation came after an impromptu meeting with Mrs. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, at the Phoenix airport drew bipartisan outrage. Critics questioned the propriety of the nation’s top law-enforcement official meeting with the former president while his wife was being investigated.

People who dislike Hillary Clinton should not get very excited about this. This is purely an interview disguised as an “investigation.” The bigger issues are when prosecutors decide to charge Hillary with a crime.

It’s nothing more than a waiting game and a “will Lynch” do what shes supposed to do. Don’t cross your fingers.

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