Liberals on Gun Control Summed Up In AWESOME Meme

Liberals on Gun Control Summed Up In AWESOME Meme

Isn’t it funny how liberals want the protection of a gun, but speak out the loudest against them? Here’s what happens when you ‘don’t believe in’ the 2nd Amendment.

911Gun 750

Frank Lea reports on the ridiculousness of liberals and their view of ‘gun control’:

In a strange twist that involves the concept of “common sense” – liberal Amy Schumer wants to deploy gun safety instead of gun control. She took to Twitter to express her feelings about gun control. Although, liberals are sometimes sneaky. Let’s see if she’s legit about what she says a few months (or minutes) from now. I don’t believe Amy is sincere in this. She’s a Hillary Clinton supporter. I’ll be shocked if Amy Schumer doesn’t pull a Hillary and flip flop when it’s convenient.

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From Young Conservatives:

amy tweets

Remember folks, criminals don’t follow laws. The only gun control we need is knowing how to control our guns!


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