Who Looks Best In Fabulous Gray is HILARIOUS [Meme] [VIDEO]

by McGuire | August 9, 2016 11:53 pm

who wore it better 800[1]

Via Sierra Marlee:[2]

With the recent concerns about Hillary Clinton’s mental capability, this is a perfect example of why one might think that. At a recent speaking engagement, she appeared to draw a mental blank when it came to her speech on healthcare. After a beat, she seemed to be scrambling for words. Judge for yourself.


Hillary: “… about healthcare. We need to make what we’ve got work really well, and improve it and get the cost out of [long pause] of, upward spiral.”

Watch the video below:


Yes, people are allowed to draw blanks while speaking publicly, but Hillary has done it for so many years, and I’m sure has many teleprompters, that it is cause for concern. Is her mental health slipping?

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