Protests VS Riots BRILLIANTLY Explained [Meme] [VIDEO]

Protests VS Riots BRILLIANTLY Explained [Meme] [VIDEO]

The left is getting out of control with what they believe to be proper behavior when interacting with the police – or anyone, really. Here’s the difference in how you are supposed to behave, guys:

protests VS riots 750

Via Greg Campbell:

The world can be a tough place. However, few have encountered the remarkable hardship as the leftist social justice warrior in the below video. After hitting a police officer with her balloon, the officer popped it and the special snowflake went to pieces in a fit of hysteria the like of which I have never witnessed.


I honestly didn’t know that someone over the age of two could scream like that. I thought it was something we all just forgot how to do.

Evidently, the ability to throw an epic temper tantrum is a skill that never quite goes away if you’re a leftist nutjob.


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