What Americans NEED To Know About What Liberals Are Trying To Do At Election Time [Meme] [VIDEO]

What Americans NEED To Know About What Liberals Are Trying To Do At Election Time [Meme] [VIDEO]

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What is the liberal media trying to get us to pay attention to? Do they truly believe that Americans are stupid enough not to notice that they will do almost anything to distract from their disgraceful candidates? This is beyond the pale, folks…

Via David McIntosh:

Milwaukee has seen some of the worst parts of humanity over the weekend. With a completely justified police shooting, many residents of the city reacted in a not too justifiable way.

Protesters changed their shirts to rioters in an instant.


1. The 23 year-old black male was armed…

Body cam footage allegedly shows the 23 year-old black male exiting his car, with a gun in his hand. The officer acted accordingly and shot and killed the suspect. Like I’ve said before…it doesn’t matter if he had a gun or not. He could have had a bazooka, but that wouldn’t have stopped the mob of BLM and its affiliates from shouting ‘police murder’.

2. He was shot by a black police officer…

The officer was, as in many cases, black. There’s just no getting around this fact…so instead, the narrative is changed from ‘racist white cops’ doing the killing, to just ‘cops’ doing the killing.


3. A riot formed, which attacked the police through the night…

After the shooting, BLM and affiliates begin a riot (which the media continues to call ‘protesters’), which consistently attacked the police throughout the night by using what the media dubbed ‘Palestinian style attacks’ by throwing rocks at officers. One officer was hit in the head when a brick crashed through his cruiser window, causing massive blood loss.

It makes me wonder how a Governor Reagan would handle these ‘protesters’ who attack the police.

4. The rioters burned down at least four buildings…

Four buildings in the Milwaukee area were targeted and burned down by the rioters. What fascinates me is that these rioters burned down their own neighborhood. They burned down their own stores. The sister for the suspect that was shot and killed by police was caught on record screaming to stop burning down your own neighborhood, and instead head to the suburbs and burn THEM down.

Sweet woman, really…

5. A gas station…

Yep. Rioters set fire to a gas station and shot off a couple of rounds from a gun into a crowded area.

Who wants to bet the firearms used were NOT legally acquired. Just saying.

6. Rioters shouted for attacks on ‘white people’ as well as journalists…

One local journalist was pushed down on the ground and punched. Many journalists covering the violence and destruction were targeted by the mob, whether they were sympathetic to the ’cause’ or not. Anarchy has no rules when it comes down to it and these thugs are all an example of that.

7. BLM and other black nationalist groups perpetrated the violence..

BlackLivesMattter have yet again organized not a protest, but a riot, claiming that the police have perpetrated it.

Uh, no. You localized terrorists are so blinded by emotion and stupidity that you won’t even secure the FACTS before you started shouting mentally retarded accusations. You do NOT operate off of sound principle or standards. There is no reasoning with your leadership, because they know they are in the wrong and don’t care. They, much like the Marxist Democrats, have a hold of you and twist you any which way they please, so long as it serves their agenda.

Chaos and separation. Just read BLM’s new manifesto…insanity on paper.


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