What Liberals Think About Increasing Minimum Wage DESTROYED [Meme]

by McGuire | June 4, 2016 2:26 pm

An app 750[1]

Via Cassy Fiano:[2]

Liberals continue to press for a $15/hour minimum wage, despite clear signs that it would be devastating not only to the economy, but to workers who will be making $0/hour if liberals get their way. The latest is Walmart, who is developing delivery drones in response.

walmart drones[3]

From Young Conservatives:

McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., and plenty others have come out and let the public know that machines are on their way to start taking American jobs if this “Fight for $15” nonsense doesn’t stop.

Now, it looks like Wal Mart is developing a drone to replace workers at distribution centers.

Not a good sign for minimum wage workers.

From Business Insider:

Walmart is getting into the drone game.

The drone technology will be replacing the jobs of inventory quality assurance employees, cutting inventory checks across massive distribution centers (the one in Bentonville is 1.2 million square feet) from one month down to a single day.

Natarajan said that the technology is six to nine months from maturation. Because it is still in the early development phase, there is not yet a specific launch plan, but Walmart is planning to integrate the drones into all of its distribution centers. The company also noted that employees who served as inventory checkers will be given new job opportunities to ensure a smooth transition.

Welp. There you have it.

What would really help this whole situation is if the #FightForFifteen morons would take a basic economics class before deciding to mandate a huge increase in the federal minimum wage. Maybe then they could understand what a disaster it would be — and until then, they really should just shut up about things they don’t understand.

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