Michelle Obama Just Did Something SUSPICIOUS… Is She Hiding Something?

Michelle Obama Just Did Something SUSPICIOUS… Is She Hiding Something?

I went and checked this one out myself and sure enough… it’s true. Not a mention of Hillary Clinton or her campaign on Michelle Obama’s Tweeter feed. That is a very bad indicator for the Hildabeast. The Obama’s probably want as much distance between themselves and Hillary Clinton as they can get, so when it blows up they don’t get hit with the fallout. Just a guess.

You only scrub your social media selectively like this when you have insider knowledge something is coming. Whatever is coming down looks to be enough to shake everyone up. Time to pop popcorn and grab a seat. If indeed Hillary goes down in flames, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Save me a front seat.


From Wayne Dupree:

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Ever wonder what happens when things go awkward?

Michelle Obama just scrubbed her Twitter account all the way back to 2013 which some will think is suspicious especially with what’s going on with her relationship with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for President.


It makes you wonder what the heck is going on. A lot of speculation is going on these days and what will Wikileaks produce in the next few hours or days.


If you go to the First Lady’s twitter page, there is no mention of Hillary on there either. Just remember, she’s been campaigning with Hillary for the last week or so.

Wonder if WikiLeaks is about to come through with promised carnage for Clinton? Hmmm. So very curious here. Things have indeed gone awkward. It’s surreal. As I understand it, Michelle Obama has two Twitter accounts and both of them have been scrubbed. Rumors are swirling and social media is on fire over it. Since I don’t follow her, I have no way of knowing what did or didn’t happen.

Word has it Bernie Sanders is being very careful with his language concerning Hillary Clinton as well. What the heck is going on here? Some are saying Michelle just posts promotional stuff, but no mention of the Democratic candidate for the presidency? That’s just weird beyond belief in politics. Whether she removed tweets or not, there is obviously not a lot of support for Hillary Clinton there. The whole thing is suspicious.

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